Azteca Scholarship

The Azteca Scholarship was initiated in 1985 as a project of Houston Community Services.  Two Azteca Scholarships are awarded annually to an equally number of male and female high school seniors planning to attend a university or a college.

Azteca Scholarship



1.  If you have a minimum 2.0 grade point average.
2.  Chicano/Mexicano/Raza/Latinx descent.
3.  Undocumented are encouraged to Apply
4.  A resident of Houston Metropolitan Area
5.  Accepted into a four year college or university as a first-year full-time student.


1.  Any of the Eligibility requirements (1 through 5 above) are not true.
2.  You are related by blood to a member of the Education Committee or the Chairperson of the Board of HCS.


1.  Answer all the questions on the form. If not applicable, please indicate so (N/A).
2.  Complete the Essay Prompt.
3.  Include an official transcript.
4.  Most recent Income Tax Return (If none, explain)
5.  Verification of acceptance from the institution you are planning to attend, i.e., letter of acceptance
6.  Include one recent wallet size photo.
7.  Email applications will not be accepted.
8.  Any items missing will result in disqualification.


1. The HCS Education Committee reviews all applications for purposes of selection.
2.  Applications are subject to review by the Board of Directors.
3.  HCS Education Committee is responsible for publicizing the program, selection of recipients, supervision and coordination awards ceremonies.
4.  Applications will not be processed until all information is received.

5. Selection of two recipients.





1.     Must turn in fee statement(tuition bill) before receiving the scholarship.

2.     If the school matches – we can send it to the school, if not – we will give it to the recipient.


All materials submitted will become the property of HCS and used in publicizing and promoting the Azteca Scholarship.  All materials should be forwarded to the HCS-Education Committee at 5115 Harrisburg, Houston, Texas 77011. The committee may require additional information. Please call (713) 926-8771 or email us at aztecascholarship@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


If you would like to download Azteca Scholarship Application Click Here
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2022 Recipients

Freddie Porras presenting scholarship award to Kateryn A Certitos.  Congratulations!

Freddie Porras presenting scholarship award to Josylynn Guerrero Congratulations!



Rosa Briana Valentin

2020 Recipients



Diana V Mendez

Alexander M Rodriguez



2019 Recipients

 Edward Castillo presenting scholarship award to Pablo Tovar.  Congratulations! 

Freddie Porras presenting scholarship award to Nikollette Amaya Gonzalez.  Congratulations! 

Freddie Porras presenting scholarship award to Jazmin Reyna Arzate.  Congratulations! 

2018 Recipients

                Cindy Nalley DeLeon   

                Kevin Kennedy



2017 Recipients

Freddie Porras presenting scholarship award to Eduardo Alvarado.  Congratulations! 

The Azteca Scholarship Dinner @ Manny's Bar and Grill and Seafood on E Mt Houston with this years recipients on Thursday June 29th, 2017.  From left to right Ariana Tarkington, Rey Rodriguez, Edward M. Castillo, Cassandra Nuñez, Eduardo Guadalupe Alvarado, Samantha Mosqueda and Freddie Porras.

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